Selling Thousands of Books in Bookstores: Ken Audible

The Cheat Sheet for Successful Book Signings

Forget the scams. Forget the self-proclaimed gurus. It’s about time you discovered the real, field-tested and proven ways to pump up your revenue by making use of book signings.

Selling Thousands of Books in Bookstores

The Amazon Bestseller Scam

There are hundreds of self-proclaimed gurus who are claiming to teach people how to become Amazon bestsellers. However, the only thing they are good at is scamming Amazon and they are teaching you how to do it.

Here’s their trick:

•List the book on an obscure Amazon category.
For example, your sci-fi fiction thriller will be listed as a paleo-diet because hardly any books are published in that category.

•List the e-book for $0.00
You are basically giving it away for free.

•Get all your friends and family to buy at the same time
This artificially inflates the book and thrusts it up to the number one spot, sometimes for just seconds. That means you have to be watching like a hawk.

•Take a screenshot
The gurus will tell you to take a screenshot of the book at number one and voila! You are an Amazon bestseller.

Technically, you have been an Amazon bestseller. However, don’t expect to make any money from it. So is it worth it? What’s the point of running such a scam to artificially propel yourself to the top if it doesn’t bring in any revenue? What’s the essence of taking the easy way only to end up hurting your credibility?
Interesting enough, those same gurus will tell you that bookstores will not take in self-published books. It’s about time you got rid of that fallacy and discovered the secrets to getting your book into bookstores and scaling your profits.


How to Get Your Book into Bookstores

Ken Dunn has thousands of self-published books in bookstores. He has helped thousands of authors to get their books into bookstores as well. Today, he shares with you his secrets so you can also get a slice of the pie. Before you buy into the “don’t bother trying to get your book into bookstores” scam, here’s a story…

One day, while driving with his son and daughter, Ken stops at a Barnes and Nobles to get some Starbucks coffee. His kids love to read so he is not surprised when they wander off in the bookstore. Ken’s daughter was 10 years old at the time and she loved to read fiction books. However, on this day, Ken is surprised to find her in the Sales and Marketing section. It quickly hits him that she is looking for his book: The Greatest Prospector in the World. He immediately tears up.

After some time, she eventually finds the book, pulls one copy out and starts jumping around excitedly. It was an emotional moment for both father and daughter. In the end, Ken signed the four copies available and put them back on the shelf. In addition to revenue, what author doesn’t want such a moment?


Laying the Foundation for Profitable Book Signings

Book signings don’t come like manna from heaven. You have to work for it. With these tips, you can work smart instead of just working hard.

•Publish a Great Book
Bookstores are thrilled to let you do your signings in their premises but only if you have a good book. If it’s a fiction book, the hero’s journey must be impeccable. Your non-fiction book must nail down the reader’s journey. For example, you don’t expect to get your memoir into bookstores if you are not an A-list celebrity. A self-help non-fiction will be a better choice and bookstores and readers love them.
For the actual book, ensure you have all the essential elements such as the ISBN and a great cover.

•Do a One Sheet
One sheet is a document that tells the reader a little bit about the author, the book and where they can get the book if they want to order it in the store. It’s pretty much a marketing flyer that goes along with your book.

•Approach the bookstores
You need to make appearances at bookstores and ask for what you would like. Don’t sit and wait for them to come to you. At the store, ask for the manager or whoever book signings for authors. They’ll either get that person and you can talk to them one-on-one or give you their card so you can call or email.


A Cheat Sheet for Conducting Successful Book Signings

Ken Dunn has a cheat sheet that he has used and perfected for more than 15 years. It works like a charm. Let’s break it down…

•Let the manager know that you are committed to bringing traffic.
Bookstores are not responsible for getting people to show up. It is essential that you not only promise but also work to attract an audience. When starting out, conduct the signing in your neighborhood so you can get your friends and family to show up.
However, most bookstores will also market your book signing in their emails, flyers and newsletters. If it’s a franchise such as Barnes and Noble, a good number of people will automatically show up for the signing, regardless of your level of influence.

•Make use of Facebook or any other media to run targeted adverts. You can run a Facebook Ad within a small radius of the bookstore such as 1-5 miles.

•Throw in a small token of appreciation for anyone who shows up for the signing. It’s the old carrot technique that works every time.
Ken normally offers Starbucks gift certificates for the first 10 people and everybody gets the audiobook for free. While he’s signing the books he asks the person for their email address and later sends them the audiobook.

•Ensure the store has enough copies of your book
If your book is already in their system, the store will pre-order the books. Alternatively, you can bring them with you when you arrive for the signing. Ensure the books are in new sellable conditions. Flawed books will ruin your credibility with the store and your audience; if it gets that far. At the end of the signing, you will walk away with 50% of the sales. The best part is that you can bring several books. You can also do bundle offers if you like. Bookstores are usually quite co-operative.

A Real-Life Success Story

Thousands of The Go Academy students have leveraged this technique to maximize their sales. One great example is David Carter, the author of The Unknown Chef. He is an amazing chef from Atlanta, Georgia. However, he is a new author and was literally an unknown author.

David paid $7 for Ken Dunn’s course on “Getting Your Books into Bookstores”. In four months, he has done 11 signings where he sold 300 books. It’s amazing when you compare the cost of the course to the profit it nets you.

This cheat sheet for book signings worked tremendously well for David. Today, he is a renowned author and chef. If it worked for David, stand rest assured it will work for you! If you are enjoying Bestseller confessions, please jump over to iTunes and leave a review. Dozens of authors have left remarkable reviews so far.

Stay tuned for the next episode. Cheers!

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