Millions of Podcasts – Ken Dunn Audible

Millions of Podcasts - Ken Dunn Audible

Begin to Harness The Power of Podcasts Today

Bestseller Confessions has had the pleasure to host amazing bestselling authors who have hit major lists including the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Ken Dunn has relentlessly squeezed out the truth about how each of these incredible authors market their books. The biggest takeaway and possibly the most popular media for authors today is podcasts.

Several corporations are calling podcasts “the future of radio.” However, with all this hype around podcasts and the success several authors have had with this media, it is alarming that most authors have not begun to harness its power. In a recent GoRead Author Academy training, a private membership group where Ken Dunn helps authors to become bestselling authors, surprisingly, only five out of hundreds of authors were using podcasts.

It’s about time that changed. It’s about time you learnt how to leverage the power of podcasts and propel yourself to the bestseller league!

Tips for Podcasts

1.Track down podcasts that are related to what you’re doing

There are several podcasts available online. Some radios stations even run podcast versions of their radio shows. Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction author, a simple Google search will help you discover podcasts shows that are related to your line of work.

For example, you could search for “Gardener podcasts” if you have a fiction book whose major character is a gardener or your non-fiction book is based on gardening. From there you can begin to get familiar with the shows and what other authors in your space are doing to get ahead.

2.Regularly listen to these Podcasts

Ken Dunn has made it a personal rule to listen to 12 podcasts episodes every week. Instead of radio, Ken listens to podcasts when driving.

3.Track down podcast hosts

It is essential to learn as much as you can about podcasts hosts. In addition to helping you discover the best way to approach them, it helps you find out how to best give value to the show and impress the host.

Ken created a spreadsheet detailing each podcast and its host. He tracked down each host on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and added their links to the spreadsheet. Basically, he learned as much as he could about these people before approaching them.

4.Script out the perfect Podcast pitch

The time you take to learn more about the show and the host will help you script the perfect pitch. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. You only have one shot at impressing the podcast host/producer enough for them to invite you to their show.

It is important, therefore, that your pitch is likable and offers value to the host. For example, podcast hosts want more listeners. Learn how to string that into your pitch and let them know how your presence in their show will help grow their audience. Let them know how what you have to offer is tied to their podcast.

5.Every podcast matters

There is a huge market that you can leverage into sales by frequenting podcasts. However, it’s easy to assume that only podcasts with large audiences will benefit your campaign. Brush aside that assumption. Bob Berg, a recent guest on the Bestseller Confessions is a testimony that you cannot afford to disregard a podcast just because it has a small following.

In Bob’s words, frequenting podcast shows leaves permanent breadcrumbs on the internet. Leave these crumbs everywhere because you never know who is listening or where they are listening. The small podcast show you visit today may end up becoming the most popular podcast ten years from now and you’ll be there. People will want to get that book or look forward to the book you’ll be working on by that time.

Real-life Success Story

Kevin Coolidge, a member of the GoRead author Academy, writes fiction children books about ninja raccoons. He gets on at least three podcasts a week and talks about literacy and kids – why kids should read. This has a huge effect on his book sales.

One of the most helpful tools in Kevin’s arsenal is By getting on their email list, the website sends you weekly emails with hundreds of podcasts that are looking for new guests. The best part is that it’s an absolutely free service. You can otherwise upgrade to their premium lists and get targeted alerts at $6.67 per month.

You can check out Kevin’s work on GoRead.


Know Your Podcast Etiquette

1. Keep your answers short, precise and informative

Never take more than 90 seconds to answer a question.

Either out of anxiety or the desperate need to promote your book, it’s easy to lose focus and begin to rant for several minutes every time you’re asked a question. Fight the urge. It’s a sure way to get yourself blacklisted from every podcast.

2. Make it a personal conversation

Mention the host’s name every chance you get. It helps to make it a personal conversation. Also, before you get on the show, learn as much as you can about the host. Most of this information is available on the internet. Google them, look them up on Facebook or any other social media site and find out what they do, what they openly dislike, their biggest achievements and so on.

During the interview (personal conversation), ensure you promote their book, website or exceptional achievements. Who doesn’t like compliments?

3.Promote the show

Find out when the show is going live and ensure you promote the show. You could even spend some money to create a Facebook ad and advertise the show. This will automatically drive more people to the podcast and any host will love the free publicity.

This also has a great effect on your book and brand in general. You’ll not just be promoting the show, you’ll be marketing your book among two sets of audiences: yours and the hosts.

You now have the secrets to get yourself invited to more podcasts. Utilize the and begin to experience a snowball effect where hosts will invite you back to their shows and get massive publicity for your book. This should, ultimately, translate to more book sales and thrust you into every bestselling list you ever dreamed of. The time to begin investing in podcasts is now!

Stay tuned for next episode, where you learn secrets of the trade from another amazing bestseller.


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