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Selling Thousands of Books in Bookstores: Ken Audible

The Cheat Sheet for Successful Book Signings Forget the scams. Forget the self-proclaimed gurus. It’s about time you discovered the real, field-tested and proven ways to pump up your revenue by making use of book signings. Free Ebook – How to Get Your Books into Bookstores Selling Thousands of Books in Bookstores The Amazon Bestseller...

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Millions of Podcasts – Ken Dunn Audible

Millions of Podcasts – Ken Dunn Audible Begin to Harness The Power of Podcasts Today Bestseller Confessions has had the pleasure to host amazing bestselling authors who have hit major lists including the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Ken Dunn has relentlessly squeezed out the truth about how...

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Ryan Levesque – ASK

Ryan Levesque The man who steps into the interrogation room today is Ryan Levesque, a self-published author whose first book – Ask – hit the USA Today, LA Times and Amazon bestsellers lists. Ken Dunn squashes the truth out of this first-time author and reveals the secrets behind his incredible success. Join Ryan’s Free...

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Bob Burg – Secrets to Selling

Episode 05: Bob Burg – Secrets to Selling Getting the Big Idea Back in the mid-’90s, Bob wrote a book called Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales. He later got the idea to turn Endless Referrals into a parable. Bob wanted to expound on how to get people to know, like, and trust...

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Bestselling Author & Speaker- Nick Boothman

Bestselling Author & Speaker, Nick Boothman On this week’s episode we’re speaking with New York Times bestselling author, Nick Boothman. He’s taught his revolutionary techniques of rapport by design to thousands of corporations, colleges and universities all over the world, including Harvard and the London Business School. His first two books, How to Make People...

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Edgy Conversations – Dan Waldschmidt

Edgy Conversations with Dan Waldschmidt Get This Book For FREE! Dan has sold tens of thousands of copies of his book, “Edgy Conversations.” It’s hit three international bestsellers lists. Dan’s story goes from 20-year-old tech company CEO, getting parlayed into a consulting practice, and now he’s on a mission to make the entire world “edgy”....

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Worth Every Penny – Erin Verbeck & Sarah Petty

Worth Every Penny – Erin Verbeck and Sarah Petty,  Many small business owners feel pressure to discount their products and services, especially when times are tough. After all, how else will they keep up with the low prices offered by their discounting competitors? What they don t realize is that discounting is the last thing...

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Episode 01: What is Bestseller Confessions?

The 6 Secrets Behind the Success of Best Selling Authors. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today are responsible for some of the most successful authors today. These best-selling authors have the added advantage of traditional publishers with mega publicity and marketing budgets. It’s just not fair, is it? Today, you will...

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About Ken

Over the past 20 years, Ken has started four major businesses in four separate industries; Property Management, Mortgage and Finance, Direct Sales and Publishing. In each business, the companies were disruptive and extremely successful, resulting in over 750 million in revenue. Ken has always created teams to support the growth of the businesses and then led the teams by generating leads and prospecting. He has traveled to countries on every continent and trained people in a dozen industries on prospecting and selling. His previous two books ‘The Most Important Minute’ and ‘Being The Change’ have sold over 300,000 copies. Ken has been featured in several books including: ‘The Greatest Networkers In The World’ and ‘Best, Worst, First’. In direct selling, he is known as one of the greatest prospectors in history. Ken has published dozens of articles on business and marketing strategies, sales and prospecting for, and many others. Ken’s inspirations are his children Matthew and Laura, while he owes everything in his life to his biggest supporter, his wife Julie.